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Julien Deray

Senior Engineering Manager

Lisbon, Portugal

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Julien Deray

Senior Engineering Manager
Chez SwissBorg

Français Anglais

Lisbon, Portugal


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As a Senior Engineering Manager, my role consists of three pillars:

Team culture: maintain the teams culture to the standard, making sure collaboration and trust thrive.

Delivery: Set up, maintain and update the processes to allow the teams to focus on delivering the right value at the right time.

People management: Care for, lead and inspire Software Engineers and Engineering Managers, making sure to keep their interests and those of the company aligned.

My days revolve around helping others create value. I meet with my teams, enable collaboration, remove blockers, repeat the mission statement. I spend most of my time in meetings, gathering and dispatching information.

Former back-end (Scala) engineer, with a strong interest in start-ups and high-velocity projects.

I moved to London after graduating to found my first start-up, then kept going as developper in early-stage start-ups. I ended up endorsing the role of Scrum Master and realised I find my fulfilment in enabling teams more than in grinding in the code. Led me to embrace the management path.

I feel comfortable sharing around the following topics:
- Leadership (technical or not)
- Management (performance, 1:1, hiring)
- Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
- Technical strategy
- Product management

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job