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Nikita Bogdanov

Relationship Manager
Moody's Analytics

Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovaque Anglais Russe

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Nikita Bogdanov

Relationship Manager
Chez Moody's Analytics

Slovaque Anglais Russe

Bratislava, Slovakia


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Présentation de Nikita

Hi, as Relationship Manager at Moody's Analytics, I deliver customized financial and ownership information solutions to clients across the EMEA region, addressing their business goals and compliance challenges. I manage long sales cycles and present complex technical concepts in an easy manner for business people.

My main responsibilities are the following:

1. Client Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain relationships with EMEA clients, understanding and addressing their business and compliance needs.

2. Solution Customization and Delivery: Collaborate with internal teams to tailor and deliver financial and non-financial information solutions, simplifying complex concepts for client understanding.

3. Sales Cycle Oversight: Manage extended sales processes, ensuring alignment with client goals and market trends.

Leveraging my foundational legal education, I began my career at EY as an Associate in the Tax and Legal department doing prevalently transfer pricing projects. Then, I switched to B2B sales where I spent almost 5 years providing both software and hardware solutions.

I would be happy to tell you more about both consulting and sales jobs as well as how to efficiently switch career tracks.