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Carnerero Jose Manuel

General DIrector
Electricidades Carnerero

Montpellier, Francia

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Carnerero Jose Manuel

General DIrector
Chez Electricidades Carnerero

Français Catalan Anglais

Montpellier, Francia


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Présentation de Carnerero

Hello! I'm José Manuel Carnerero, the Chief Executive Officer of Electricidades Carnero, a family-owned company specializing in low-voltage electrical systems.

The role of a CEO in an electrical company involves a strategic and technical approach. I see my position as akin to that of a conductor orchestrating an electrical symphony. My responsibilities include market analysis to assess the relevance of new products and services, configuring and positioning our commercial range, and establishing connections with various departments within the company to organize successful launches. Once our services are up and running, I ensure the commercial success of our offerings and represent Electricidades Carnero to both internal stakeholders, such as the post-sales and call center teams, and external ones like public relations and influencers.

My professional journey includes a robust education in the electrical field and extensive experience in various roles within Electricidades Carnero. My commitment to excellence has been honed over the years, solidifying our position as leaders in the low-voltage electrical sector.

My affinity for the world of electricity has been nurtured since a young age, and my academic background and work experience have been deeply rooted in this field. I am open to sharing my knowledge and discussing topics related to low-voltage electricity and business management.

I'm excited about connecting with students and professionals eager to learn more about low-voltage electrical systems and sharing insights into the dynamic world of electrical energy. I'm available to engage in discussions about electricity and any other topics you may wish to explore!

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job