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Jordan Baumgartner

TMA Solutions

Paris, France

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Jordan Baumgartner

Chez TMA Solutions

Français Anglais

Paris, France


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Présentation de Jordan

Hello, I am COO at TMA Solutions Europe. TMA Solutions is a software development company with more than 4000 engineers and 27 years of experience.

I manage the projects on the European market which account for around 600 engineers. I make sure our customers are satisfied of our delivery, and explore some new ways of collaboration with them. I'm also responsible for the revenue, trade shows, exhibitions and everything which is related to the European market for TMA Solutions.

I've worked more than 10 years in the IT/Telecom industry. I finished my studies in South Korea and start my career doing a V.I.E in Ho Chi Minh City. I was responsible of business development for a french Telecom equipments provider. I then start my own business in digital real estate and now joined TMA to overview their operations in Europe.

I'm passionate about business in general and entrepreneurship. Feel free to contact me if you want mentorship or need any informations.