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Yann Abraham

Associate Scientific Director
Johnson & Johnson

Brussels, Belgium

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Yann Abraham

Associate Scientific Director
Chez Johnson & Johnson

Français Anglais

Brussels, Belgium


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Présentation de Yann

As an expert in single cell, high dimensional data analysis with 22 years of experience I am leading the application of these technologies in the context of drug discovery and clinical trials, using cutting edge data analysis to address biologically-relevant challenges that will impact the patients.

I'm leading a small team called AI for Single Cell within the data science department where I'm building bridges between specialists in machine learning, technology experts and biologists to advance projects along the drug discovery pipeline.
We are contributing our expertise in the context of target identification, target validation and translational research for projects in multiple therapeutic area including oncology, auto-immune diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.
I have 10 years of mentoring experience both in industry as well as in academia, focusing on career development and work-life balance.

After a PhD in biochemistry at the Institut Curie I joined a small biotech company specializing in target identification and target validation using proteomics. After 4 years working as a bench scientist I started training as a data analyst, ultimately joining the bioinformatics team and contributing to the development of our analysis infrastructure and analyzing Mass Spectrometry-based proteomics data.
After 8 years I joined Novartis Pharma, where I was developing data processing pipelines for RNAseq and high dimensional cytometry and analyzing transcriptomics data for target identification and target validation.
After 5 years I joined Johnson&Johnson to analyse high dimensional cytometry generated in the context of multiple oncology clinical trial. I was also a key member of the RTCure consortium data analysis work package, where I contributed several methods and analysis in the context of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my job